Call for Posters

DEV 2016 provides an international forum for research in the design, implementation, and evaluation of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for social and economic development. In particular, we focus on contexts where conventional computing solutions are often inappropriate due to various contextual factors - including, but not limited to: cost, language, literacy, different social structures, and the availability of power and bandwidth.

All DEV poster submissions should either provide or directly motivate a novel technical solution that has direct implications for development. Posters should describe original and previously unpublished research and innovative experiments. We also encourage poster submissions that describe work-in-progress, as a way to generate early feedback and discussion on projects. The poster deadline for DEV 2016 is September 7th at 11:59PM. Poster abstract submissions can be up to 4 pages and all submissions must be in ACM format, submitted as a PDF via the submission site.

The topic of ICT for development is inherently multidisciplinary, and encompasses a broad array of fields within the computer science discipline. We also welcome novel ICT contributions from development practitioners. As a guide for poster submissions, we provide a list of focus topics below, but we also welcome posters outside of the listed topics that address the DEV focus on computing innovations supporting social and economic development.


  • Low-cost connectivity and computing devices
  • Network solutions for poorly connected regions, including white space spectrum
  • Power-efficient systems
  • Mobile systems and applications
  • Special-purpose systems, e.g. sensors, wireless, IVR
  • Systems challenges and opportunities in development, e.g. security, sustainability, resilience
  • Cellular phone systems and applications
  • Novel tools and applications for development
  • Measurements of existing technology in developing regions (e.g. network deployments)


  • User interfaces for low-literacy populations
  • Multi-lingual computing
  • User interfaces for low-cost devices
  • Participatory methods and user-centered design
  • Accessibility to disabled populations in developing regions
  • Design and evaluation of applications in health, microfinance, education, agriculture, entertainment, social media, and other DEV-related areas
  • Adapting content and applications to local languages and education levels
  • Understanding social relationships and information flows in disadvantaged societies

Data Science

  • Computational sustainability
  • Computational social science
  • Econometric models and developmental economics
  • Data science for social good
  • Machine learning techniques for large-scale data analysis in development contexts
  • Speech interfaces and translation for low-resource languages
  • Computer vision challenges and opportunities in development
  • Understanding social networks and digital media in developing regions
The accepted posters will be published in the companion conference proceedings. Here are the accepted poster lists from DEV-6 (2015) (at the bottom) and DEV-5 (2014).

Poster Submission Deadline: September 7th, 2016, 11:59 PM UTC

Poster Acceptance Notification: September 19th, 2016

Papers should be submitted via the submission site. Please direct any questions to