Lightning talks

This year, as part of DEV we will also showcase some Bay Area-based organizations who have been making an impact through technology in developing countries. Speakers from the following organizations will present their work as part of a lightning session of quick 10 min pitches followed by 5 mins for Q&A. Participants will also have the opportunity to interact with the speakers following the session.


Potential Energy

Potential Energy’s mission is to bring life-improving technologies to people in developing nations. In the long‐term Potential Energy will support a portfolio of clean technologies for the world’s poorest people using the same user-centered design and novel partnership approach that we’ve applied to our cookstove projects.



Premise is an economic monitoring platform. We enable customers to track global business and economic conditions in real-time across thousands of online and real-world locations. We monitor the price, quality, availability, and other metrics of a range of goods and services,from online and on-the-ground sources.



LaborVoices provides global brands and their supply chains what has been missing: an early warning system based on direct feedback from workers, by repeatedly polling workers through their mobile phones. We help our customers obtain strong safety standards and decent working conditions, empowering workers through their own voices.