For that reason, it pays to turn up the trolling motor, pick up the power fishing technique of your choice, and start hunting for bites. The natural order for fish is dark on top and light on bottom. Use cranks with strong patterns and heavy contrast. Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old cloudy day quotes, cloudy day sayings, and cloudy day proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources. They are able to roam fre… The same considerations apply to all of them. FLW Tour pro Jay Yelas primarily relies on popping and walking topwater lures for a large part of his fall topwater fishing. If he has discovered a topwater bite in calm water with bright skies, Evers does a 180-degree turn in his approach. Every angler is different when it comes to selecting certain color schemes for topwater lures. "I've really fallen in love with the Shibuki," Yelas said. Bass may not be able to see a real bluegill, but they’ll be able to see your bluegill crankbait and assume it’s a bluegill. He is a wildlife officer in your state and a good man. Rather than throw a Super Spook, he opts for an XCalibur Jimmy — a walking bait with a much more subtle action. Second, topwater bass lures need to be able to cut through weeds and dense vegetation, so you’re not getting hung up the whole time. This is likely due the prevalence of perch in their diet. These transition periods are going to be the best time to throw topwater lures. For clear water, you want to use a subtle colored translucent lure so they aren’t spooked when they can get a good look at your lure. Unfortunately, as we all know, this isn’t true. One of my favourite cloudy day photography scenes is … I especially like dark colors for finesse fishing with a worm or jig on overcast days. It is a good choice that works in a wide range of situati… What Lens Color is Best for Overcast Days? Water clarity is one of the most important factors that can influence bait color for bass fishing. Yelas uses these lures in 5 different scenarios. Whenever he’s fishing the more “unorthodox” frogging cover such as docks, laydowns and overhanging trees, green pumpkin-colored frogs are his weapon of choice. There are 5 situations in which Yelas reaches for his Shibuki. On hot sunny days, bass are usually held very tight to shady cover or down in deeper water further from shore. Contrast helps you see all the bumps and troughs of … Get best fishing times with lunar fishing calendars, Daily Limit: Back in Elites, Hackney, Christie feel like rookies. Basically on a dark day, in super clear water on both the grass flats and shallow mud and shell areas, colors such as pumpkin seed, watermelon, and motor oil seem to work well. There are, however, several factors that influence his decision to use each type. If he has discovered a topwater bite in calm water with bright skies, Evers does a 180-degree turn in his approach. Walking topwater lures shine in open water situations. Photograph Light Pools. Fishing on cloudy days, however, doesn’t mean you’ll automatically catch more fish. Not enough muskies are caught to develop real color preferences or to feel real confident that color makes no difference. Best Lure Color For Clear Water. If the water is stained and they're missing, VanDam switches to a slower, popper-style topwater… Translucent ghost colors work great on sunny days in clear water but go for solid colors in cloudy conditions. "The bait comes in really good paint schemes and it's equipped with a really good feather," he says. Choosing the best color for a topwater lure is no different. It's very important to choose the right topwater lure. With a seemingly endless supply of lures available, it can become difficult to simplify your selection process. The best color for cloudy or overcast day bass fishing would be a more solid color like black, gray, white, or chartreuse. Try to keep it … For starters, the Oklahoma pro reaches for a Super Spook. You would think that one of the few positives of a cloudy, overcast day is that there’s no need to wear sunglasses. "I love a rattling bait on a cloudy, windy day because I want to create noise on the surface of the water," says Evers. Spend a day in the boat with an Elite Series pro, and you'll quickly realize that many of the top anglers in the world believe that success is found in the small details. When he's throwing a topwater offering during the fall, Evers typically uses either a walking-style bait, like a Heddon Super Spook, or a popping bait, like an XCalibur Zell-Pop. In the quest for the best topwater lures, you’re looking for a few different features. Topwater poppers such as the Yamamoto Shibuki are excellent fall bass lures, especially under the right circumstances. "Its color schemes are incredibly realistic and most importantly, it's totally fishable right out of the package. While most topwater baits may look the same floating on the surface of the water, Oklahoma's Edwin Evers believes that differences in color, size and sound can make the difference between catching a few bass and loading the boat. 2. Nowhere is this truer than when fishing topwater baits in the fall. However, you can effectively throw topwater lures all day, especially when its cloudy or you find areas with shade. These would be white, black, chartreuse and yellow. "Under these conditions, I pretty much stick with dark colors like black." Black —"For whatever reason, Northern bass just … Throughout his career, he's found 5 colors that continuously produce big bass. Membership Includes 1 Year Bassmaster Magazine, Plus $50 in free gear. Even in windy conditions, it casts like a rocket, which makes it especially deadly on schooling bass.". Ronnie: I believe the entire pattern should follow the examples of nature and specifically those of prey. "When it gets wet, that feather flairs out when you pause the bait. Not only will you avoid constant second-guessing and re-tying, but you'll also save a lot of fishing time. Best Color for Cloudy & Overcast Days. Sparkles are also good. Although topwater frogs are most frequently utilized in grassy areas, don’t count them out when you’re targeting other types of shallow cover. Go for natural colors or dark colors. "If the water is clear, it means the fish are seeing the bait too well and are not as aggressively striking it," says Kevin VanDam. Throwing topwater lures for smallmouth best is one of my all-time favorite way to fish. The general idea for lure color selection is this: dark day = dark bait, bright day = bright bait, clear water = natural colors and dirty water = unnatural colors. Whether you're searching for fish or casting to open water, their ability to glide quickly on the water's surface increases angling efficiency. My best friend just came home for 2 weeks and I took him out. In calmer conditions, or if the bass are not in the mood to chase a walking bait, he says that the Zell Pop will trigger reaction strikes. Yellow, fire tiger, and orange are productive colours with pike and musky. On any particular night during the season, you could lift the flap of my plug bag and see a mix of the surfcasting’s four “primary” colors. A lot of tournaments are won on walking topwater lures, and for good reason—they catch big bass. What works one day … "It's just a lot more subtle and can generate more strikes in calm conditions." "When choosing a walking topwater bait, you want something that casts well and walks easily," Yelas said. Of all your skiing accessories, goggles are one of the most important, since they can seriously impact your visibility on the slopes.Ski goggle lenses are available in a range of colors, from blue, green, pink, yellow, gold, black, and even metallic silver. On a cloudy day, you have two options. "I love a rattling bait on a cloudy, windy day because I want to create noise on the surface of the water," says Evers. Bass seem to love the color, and it looks natural in the water. White is successful because most baitfish have white bellies. Topwater Colors According to Ronnie Pettit ... What color patterns do you think work best on topwater plugs? "The Jimmy doesn't move as much water, it doesn't splash as much and it's not as loud," Evers explains. Another great cloudy day color is Table Rock SP, which has chartreuse dashed on the sides and a pearlescent purple back. White is a great topwater color for almost every condition, but it's especially effective on cloudy days or in lowlight conditions." Before your brain starts turning circles and you break out in nervous cold sweats, consider advice from a former Bassmaster Classic Champion. Best Fishing Lure Colors to Buy. Instead of stressing about your topwater lure selection this fall, remember Yelas' tips and fish with confidence. As the cooler water temperatures eventually spur a massive shallow water shad migration in the fall, a popper like the Yamamoto Shibuki is one of his ultimate confidence lures. If you were to only buy lures in these four colors, you would still catch plenty of fish and may not ever feel the need to throw anything else. Black, purple, and dark blue really stand out on cloudy days. A quick way to achieve this look is by dipping the tail of a green pumpkin lizard or worm in chartreuse dye. As the name suggests, it’s deadly on the multi-species lakes of the Ozarks region, as well as anywhere that spots and smallmouths swim, but don’t overlook it … Under bright skies and in clear water, he avoids bold, solid colors, relying instead on translucent and natural colors. Yelas prefers to keep things simple, so he doesn't get too carried away with color selection. There is no mystery to choosing the best lure color for catching trout, bass, musky or any other fish, either saltwater or freshwater. "Under these conditions, I pretty much stick with dark colors like black." It takes a little practice to master the popular "walk-the-dog" cadence, but when you do, you'll become a much more versatile angler. Those solid dark colors will provide a good enough profile for fish to lock onto and grab as it moves by. Evers' affinity toward the Super Spook is based primarily around prime topwater conditions — overcast with a slight breeze. You don’t have to be unsure any longer when you go to buy a fishing lure. "A change to a more subtle skirt color can make a big difference." Cloudy day or murky water – Bright lures. We pulled Southern Pro Hot grubs in the Blue/ Black/ Chartruse color in the stained conditions and tore them up. Match the size of the forage to the best of your ability and get ready for a fun day on the water. In fact, many bass anglers believe these conditions offer the best bass fishing.Bass fishing on cloudy and overcast days is very good and often is unbeatable. There is nothing quite like it. I used a purple spinner and caught a lot of trout for a week straight while the weather was overcast. Final Verdict Lighter colors like white, pearl, and yellow will stand out better. JOIN TODAY! A great tip for diffused lighting photography is to just watch the sky for the best moment. 2. Location: Rhinelander, Wisconsin Black is by far the best color to use on a cloudy day. While some ski goggle lenses work best in flat light, others are best for bright "blue bird" days. ... Is Topwater Good On Cloudy Days. Here is the formula: On dark cloudy days, go with a darker color such as black. Change colors. "A lot of walking topwater lures require special knots or swivels in order to walk well, but the Yamamoto Tate'walks like a dream with a simple Palomar knot. Cloudy/overcast/rainy days: use solid colors either in white or bright colors like white, bone, and something with a little chartreuse or hot orange in it. Good choices would include a Senko in Baby Bass or a Zoom Trick Worm in watermelon. Cloudy days can offer you a multitude of scenes and settings that allow creativity in your landscape photography. "It has one big rattle and floats high in the water, which is critical for windy days." It is a standard color for soft plastic lizards, finesse worms, and other worms. After all, there’s no visible sun, no direct sunlight in your eyes, no glare. Some do this with noise, others do it with visuals. Most topwater lure specialists prefer dark-colored baits early and late in the day when visibility is poor, and light-colored baits during bright periods. ", Another one of Evers' favorite topwater offerings is a Zell Pop, XCalibur's updated rendition of the time-tested Pop-R. You still need to choose the correct size and color of the bait. Visibility decreases, bass feel more secure from predators, and they tend to roam much farther from cover. 6-keys: sports/wired2fish//// This gives the fish time to regroup, re-energize and attack it a second time. ... My best trout fishing days with a spinner was when it was cloudy and lightly snowing outside. Final Thoughts. Is Bass Fishing Good on Cloudy Days Bass fishing on cloudy or overcast days is generally very good. Sunny/partly cloudy days: Use translucent and see through colors like ghost minnow, ghost sexy shad, clear, or you can also use something with flash in it. Cloudy Day Sayings and Quotes. Green pumpkin is another all-around color that works in any color water. Cloudy Days: Cloudy, overcast days limit the amount of sunlight that reaches the fish. Topwater Hard Baits. While the above are general rules for rule selection in general, there are exceptions. The best lenses for bright conditions on the mountain are either a plain dark grey, dark brown, or dark rose lens coupled with a heavy mirror. "If I'm throwing a topwater, the Spook is probably going to be the first bait that I'm going to tie on," he says. On cloudy days, bass are in ambush mode. "They're a great bait for big bass, so if I'm on a lake that has a lot of 3 to 6-pound fish, such as a TV. But also because science backs the fact that speckled trout can see that color in the light spectrum. In dark or muddy water and on overcast days, tie on a brightly colored lure to increase visibility, or use a very dark solid color to maximize profile visibility. Muskies are a rare critter, even in the best muskie waters in the country. section: | slug: how-to-choose-the-right-topwater-bass-lure | route: article_single | You're around big bass—"If you're fishing in a trophy lake or even a trophy pond, walking topwaters are very effective," Yelas said. I use these colors for the best reason ever: I’ve caught fish on them. There's something about that feather that triggers a reaction strike.". Cloudy, rainy, or otherwise dreary conditions act as a security blanket for bass. First, the lure needs to draw attention to itself. Also, rattles are better during this time. Target casting a topwater popper to specific pieces of shallow cover has produced hundreds, if not thousands, of quality bass for Yelas throughout his career. And because they can see and discern color, chartreuse is a bright “look at me” color that … It has a much different action than many popping baits on the market and it flat-out catches bass.". These colors will really stand out against the backdrop and even in limited visibility water, bass will find them. Rule 2: Use very bright or very dark lures for dirty water/cloudy days. What Color Lures to Use on Cloudy Days. What Color Lure To Use On A Cloudy Day. As with any bass fishing technique, not all conditions are ideal for topwater poppers. I like a transparent color, because when a bass is looking up it can't get a good look at the bait and realize that it's not real. site: sports | ptype: stories | pageType: stories | originalDevice: deviceType:desktop. A solid mirror helps deflect glare, while the grey, brown, or rose colors add contrast. A black and blue soft plastic is ideal; a white … On cloudy days, color choice is going to matter more than anything. > Dip the Tip – On partly cloudy days, try blending both natural and bright colors. Don't worry, it even happens to the pros. "The clearer the water, the subtler the bait needs to be. Get tips from new Bassmaster Elite pro Scott Martin covering the proper way to fish the ever popular jerkbait. A lot of fish. In the most murky conditions, try bright, solid, neon colors. Upon a missed blowup, Yelas suggests keeping your lure totally still for 5 seconds before continuing your cadence. Stick to colors such as green pumpkin, watermelon and root beer in clear water and change to a june-bug or black/blue combination in stained or dirty water. On clear sunny days, go with a lighter color such as white. In short, experiment with everything you have in your tackle box and be sure you're fishing something that breeds confidence in what you're doing. Try using chartreusse, hot pink, white, yellow, hot green, etc. They are quick to note, however, that a surface lure's action and noise are far more important in triggering strikes than its color.
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