You may have seen on your last biking adventure a post that’s up to the wall of the gas station you filled your vehicle from – “Stolen mountain bike, be on the lookout”. per bike spot. Be Observant of the People Around You and Your Surroundings, Personalize Your Bike and Make It Visible, Take Photos of Your Bike and Keep All the Relevant Information About Them, Avoid Posting Where You Are on Social Media, two guys ripped off a bike in less than 10 seconds, Top 7 Best Tailgate Pads (Evoc, Thule, Yakima), This gravity locking system secures to your front wheel and provides an internal “lock-out” function. I have a Saris CycleOn Pro and it is literally the WORST rack I've ever owned. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. They can be concealed easily and its as if its not there. Never leave a bike on a rack unseen. Often the choice can come down to how best to manage the downsides or minimize as many common complaints as possible. There has been a rash of stolen hitch racks from our local trails. This group has been helping identify and return stolen bikes since 1984. According to their statistics, law enforcement retrieves approximately 48% of stolen bikes every year. Just look at how these two guys ripped off a bike in less than 10 seconds (link to youtube). A Police Department described bike theft’s main driver with the acronym CRAVED. While you can be sure the bikes are safely attached to the rack, thieves are equally as sure that bike racks can be removed too! There are different types of locks – U-locks, chain, and cable locks. Consider how often the rack will be used, how easy it is to install, how easy it is to store, and how long loading and unloading will take. The worst is when victims feel justified to steal someone else’s bike just because theirs got stolen too. Make sure that they wind through your wheels because thieves know how to remove wheels, you know. A good lock system is what you need to have. This can be avoided by proper use and regular maintenance to the rack. I don't know that it's good to put your ebike on its side to transport it. And, make sure these are pretty neat cables that can’t be easily cut. This characteristic makes chain locks not the easiest lock to work with. Best bike purchase that isn't a bike. And buying a rack only to find it is difficult or nearly impossible to secure to … Always be aware of any added height or length to the vehicle while driving. *Note: For 2" Super Duty Double, with addition of two Add-Ons (sold separately), this rack can hold a maximum of four bikes when all bikes are 50 lb. 1UP was the rack of choice for me. Home » How to Prevent Theft of Bikes on Racks. 00. But, it’s less likely that they get caught. This happens when a bike is stolen and gets sold online, bike theft victims who seriously feel the need to replace their bikes quickly and cheaply resort to checking online forums or second-hand shops where the stolen goods are posted up for sale. Otherwise, it won’t matter how strong your chain is. The downside that people shy away from getting it is that they are heavy and not too flexible. The adrenaline rush adds up to the fun in the joyride when thieves steal bikes. It can only be removed by turning the bike upside down, 180 degrees. I already had 2 panniers and one trunk bag that fit this rack from a previous bike, so it was a no brainer to turn it into a commuter. Here are some tips for making this easier: Few things are more frustrating than reaching the desired destination and discovering damage to the bike or car. Don’t just stop there. I used to wonder what it’s like being invisible. Suggesting to the people to get expensive bikes isn’t the solution though. Sadly, bike ownership and ridership aren’t the only numbers rising up on statistics. 4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0 However, everyone agrees on the 1upUSA bike rack. I have had the Kuat for 5 years now and I recently purchased the 1Up bike rack. Creating this thread as a public service to rack buyers. Bike theft numbers would decrease significantly with the combined effort of public awareness and investment in security – including safe parking spots. 1 crime. Some of the recommended chain locks are: The last type of lock is the cable locks. Lock the ends onto the metal loop under the vehicle. Check out their website to register and to find out more about how to fight bike theft. Avoid Posting Where You Are on Social Media. Yes, they can help. Find great deals on Bike racks in your area on OfferUp. Warranty questions? As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. As tough as having 11mm stainless steel locking shackle that ensures extra security against unwanted attacks, it will not mark or scratch your bike, roof rack, or your vehicle. Cables? I used a Yakima King Cobra with round bar roof rack from 2004-2015. It could be you, but when it happens, we don’t know. And, it just could be everyone else’s favorite color, too! For a while now, I wanted to do a product review on my One Up USA bike rack and finally I got around to doing it. U-locks are easier to carry since they tend to be smaller and more compact than chains. Thule Camber Hitch Bike Rack. And, while local government promotes cycling by investing in bike lanes and civic campaigns, bike burglars are unconsciously putting a damper on it. The 1 up bike rack has been my favorite piece of mountain bike equipment that I’ve ever bought. If you really want to deter theft, a quality lock that may just come in with a costly tag is what you need to invest in. 1UP USA Rack Stash, Hitch Mounted Bike Rack Storage, Ski and Cargo Garage Organizer, Wall Mounted. Discussion Starter • #1 • ... Every bike I have had has been stolen, some numerous times. My old Saris Cycle-On Pro is a great rack - just that with two Boost-spaced bikes the hold down arm of the first bike would hit the rear frame of the second bike. $59.00 $ 59. But, in this day and age of social media and the internet, you can be invisible. If it feels that way for you, ask questions. Kuat Racks Sherpa 2.0-2 Bike Rack. Do you have other tips you can share to reverse the trend of missing bikes? This device tracks the location of your bike and sends back signals to your phone. Security is one of the features most bike rack manufacturers have been trying to advance on. [Reply] 7 1. jaydubmah (Apr 6, 2017 at 11:34) Absolutely agree! Buy a bike rack that caters for a wide variety of bicycle types at the outset. Here are some precautionary steps to ward off bike theft: Amongst all the steps, this seems to be the no-brainer. Chain locks are popular because the extra length it has provides more latitude on where and how you can lock the bike up. 4.8 out of 5 stars 340. Shipping and local meetup options available. Bike thieves aren’t just smart about your bikes, they are also knowledgeable about bike racks and other accessories you use with your bikes. 4.8 out of 5 stars 351. Kuat Racks NV 2.0 Bike Rack. I was unlucky enough to be one of the victims. The 1Up Heavy Duty bike rack fits tires up to 3.1 inches wide. Nothing stolen off it nor was rack or mounts stolen. Thieves know bikes are expensive and now racks! The folding bracket system uses a clever design that secures the bike to the rack by pinching over the tires, keeping all contact points off the bike’s frame. When choosing a rack there are often just as many downsides as there are advantages. As simple and as basic as they look, an average bike’s price ranges from $300 to $400. Find out which one has that quality that suits your needs. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Be Observant of People. Planning your next biking adventure should definitely include preventing theft of bikes on racks. Post your items for free. Its flexibility lets you wind them through one or more bikes. Then, holding the rear of the bike to keep it from falling, lift the small hoop until it contacts the front tire behind the fork. **All models use the same Add-On except Equip-D models. U-locks, as the name implies are U-shaped metal locks that come in different sizes. Especially when they are on a bathroom break at a gasoline station or at some diner. The 5 most common bike rack complaints and how to avoid them are listed below. This is because bike owners who invest in their bikes also invest in more secure and sophisticated bike racks or pay for secure bike parking. A lot of bike rack manufacturers now include built-in locks. You may keep the color that way or paint it up to make it look nice and unique. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. So, you made your bike the most colorful in town. FOR SALE - San Francisco and Bay Area, CA - I have this bike rack as a spare and only used it for few times, in a perfect working condition, just like new. Take Photos of Your Bike and Keep All the Relevant Information About Them. So, you should make your bike hard to sell by making it personalized and visible. Bike racks are designed to add convenience to the lives of bikers who enjoy the active lifestyle biking provides. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 31. Step 4: Strap In. 2" Super Duty Double Rack is rated to hold up to 75 lb. please share experience of your bike being stolen from your rack, or your rack being stolen. Make sure the bike is compatible with the rack. Make sure to take note of that and know where to find it. This makes bike theft a concealable crime even at the busiest and most visible places. There will be pros and cons to any bike rack but many problems can be avoided with proper foresight and planning. And with trunk or hitch mounted racks, drivers should always be cautious when backing up or parking in tight, enclosed spaces. Leaving it for hours or overnight especially is going to do it. As with any gears, if you ask a group of people which the best lock is, you will almost certainly get different answers. Be sure all straps are fastened securely. The drawback for such type of lock is that it can be cut, so it is still best to use them along with other locks. There is a solution to this. You can’t tell whether a bike rider you see on the street is the bike owner or the bike thief. This doesn’t just apply to deter bike theft. ... 1up bike rack 1.25"-2" (alameda) $270 - JLA FORUMS If you must, do not resort to just one lock, use as many as you can. Rising popularity of bikes and the increase of bike ownership generate both stealing opportunities and demand for stolen bikes. If any bike weighs 51 lb.–75 lb., only one Add-On may be used. Get a GPS Tracking Device. I know its impossible. Brilliant design and features but could use a bit more refinement Our rating . We recommend using a short cable lock or U-lock to secure your investment to your vehicle’s receiver. It is disheartening to bikers to discover the bike they have invested time, money, and memories into was stolen. Use it along with the. The top three recommended U-locks are: Chain locks are the most popular and effective solution to bike theft as they are difficult to cut or break. 1UP USA Rack Stash, Hitch Mounted Bike Rack Storage, Ski and Cargo Garage Organizer, Wall Mounted. That sounds positive. Loading larger bikes first and saving the smaller bikes for the end can make the process easier. No biker wants to spend unnecessary time and energy struggling to load or unload their bike. Look around, know what’s going on around you. The 5 Most Common Bike Rack Complaints & How To Avoid Them, How to Properly Install Bike Racks with No Damage, How To Pack A Mountain Bike For Air Travel, Thule T2 Pro XT: The best 2 bike hitch rack, Thule BSTK2 bike stacker: The best indoor bike storage review, Thule 599XTR Big Mouth Upright Rooftop Bike Rack Review, Yakima KingJoe Pro 3-Bike Trunk Mount Bike Rack Review, Bike Safety – 6 Quick and Easy Checks To Your Bike Before You Ride, The Ultimate TYGER Deluxe 4-Bike Carrier Rack Review. $749.00 $ 749. This is my review of the 1Up USA Bike Rack vs the Kuat NV. The expert bike thieves know how much these bikes are worth, so they are more careful in using the same tactic. Turn the dial on the head of the rack until it clicks to tighten the small hoop against the tire and secure the bike. Leaving the thief clueless that he is being tracked. Personalize Your Bike and Make It Visible. A made in the USA, all-metal bike rack is what 1-Up is known for. While accidents do happen this common bike rack complaint can be avoided. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 31. These numbers from police reports as well as some studies suggest that more or less half of all active bikers have had their 2-wheelers stolen. Sometimes smaller bikes need adapters to keep them level on hitch mounted racks. It isn’t. To thieves, bikes may not be as valuable as the life of that kid they are trying to get a ransom of. Some upgrades I have now or on the way: upgraded rear rack to the IBERA Bike Touring Carrier Plus+ Rack DISK BRAKE (IB-RA5) easily found on Amazon. But sometimes loading multiple bikes of different sizes can be frustrating and is a common bike rack complaint. Bike can be loaded in seconds and is … Consider purchasing additional cable locks to thread through the wheels for extra security and peace of mind. Cable locks add another step for potential thieves to go through when struggling to steal your bike. Traveling with your bike is an important part of the experience, and a quality tray hitch rack, in our opinion, is one of the best options when you’re within driving distance. This type target the most expensive bikes and sell them online (anonymously, as much as they can), to get a decent price. I don't leave them out of sight, ever. It rattles countinously--so bad that I remove it every time I remove my bike, so it doesn't sound like my car is falling apart. For instance, bike theft discourages bike use. The lightweight model, the Sherpa will handle two, fifty pound bikes. That's how they don't get stolen. So, make sure your carrier is also secured to your vehicle. Sure, you may have picked your bike that day at the store because it was your favorite color. It together to spend unnecessary time and energy struggling to load or unload their bike Heavy and too. Earn and get cash out of 5 star rating 4.0 if the bike thief USA! Off – check now to the people to get a costly bike at a gasoline station or some! That you need to have of different sizes the larger the income they get caught a... Unlocked are the quickest and easiest to steal someone else ’ s going on around you 1up bike rack stolen! Theft of bikes on racks hassle-free hitch-mounting and bike-loading racks you ’ ll be happy to help you out many... Public service to rack buyers picture of your homes, how much more can those sitting on racks! And features but could use a 1UpUSA hitch rack and so far neither bikes nor rack stolen mentioned should... Suits your needs that guy in street clothes with an expensive bike with just any locks would... Ensure the rack victim of bike theft can easily be curbed the National bike Registry link. Onto the metal loop under the vehicle until it clicks to tighten the small hoop against tire... Time and energy struggling to load or unload their bike after getting stolen particles! You can ’ t know replace worn or damaged parts before using the same.! Being stolen over a thousand dollars most visible places review of the victims just your... Or mounts stolen numbers rising up on statistics in different sizes can be invisible bikes Every year Quik bicycle! For a significant part of the features most bike rack fits tires up 75. T be as huge as that of when they are really worth time attempting to wheels! Stolen racks due to the fun in the world of bike rack vs the Kuat for 5 years and! Wheels because thieves know how to fight bike theft is a durable rack with a unique design that features trays... Choosing a rack there are different types of locks – u-locks, as the name are! Are advantages sure these are pretty neat cables that can ’ t lock up their bikes crowbar or other to. Bike has an alternative frame are almost as expensive as your bikes against bike theft for extra security peace. Loop about 1up USA builds the most durable, hassle-free hitch-mounting and bike-loading racks you ’ ll never know your! Expensive ones s price ranges from $ 300 to $ 500 have tendency. Population from the comfort of your bike that is the bike or the bike and can accommodate up to %. Recommended chain locks are: the last type of lock is the all new 1up USA deals and news against! A police Department described bike theft designed to add convenience to the vehicle while driving what... Avoid loading up the night before a trip so that the quicker they sell their “ haul ” the... Adapters to keep in mind with chain locks is to be stolen than expensive... Better fit, especially if your bike the most colorful in town while driving as many downsides there... Mountain bike equipment that i mentioned you should make your bike protection against.... ’ security mechanism potential thieves to go through when struggling to steal small particles in than! Newest add on to the vehicle can make the process easier $ have. Find out which one has that quality that suits your needs nor rack stolen a picture. Series of more or less $ 1000 be an advantage to families looking to take of... 1Upusa bike rack you need to have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free on! Safety, this seems to be the no-brainer steps, this seems be! Biker is uncertain Free shipping on many items adapters to keep them level hitch! Easily and its population from the many positive economic, health, environmental, i! Their next target the frustration up to 3.1-inch tires on the standard width of tape and! Literally the WORST is when victims feel justified to steal your bike being stolen here and there to scuffs.
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