Call for Posters

The deadline for submitting the posters is October 6, 2014. More details on submitting can be found here.

DEV 2014 provides an international forum for research in the design and implementation of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for social and economic development. In particular, we focus on emerging contexts where conventional computing solutions are often inappropriate due to various contextual factors - including, but not limited to, cost, language, literacy, and the availability of power and bandwidth.

Posters should describe original and previously unpublished research. Three metrics will be applied to judge the submissions: (a) Relevance of the problem for development; (b) Novelty of the technical solution; (c) Evaluation of the solution, making a case for development-focused impact. All DEV poster submissions should either provide or directly motivate a novel technical solution that has direct implications for development. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


  1. Low-cost wireless connectivity
  2. Intermittent networks and systems
  3. Power-efficient systems
  4. Low-cost computing devices
  5. Mobile systems and applications
  6. Mixed networks, e.g., telephony and IP
  7. Special-purpose sensor systems
  8. Security challenges in developing regions


  1. User interfaces for low-literacy populations
  2. Multi-lingual computing
  3. User-interfaces for low-cost devices
  4. Participatory methods and user-centered design
  5. Accessibility to disabled populations in developing regions
  6. Design and evaluation of applications for health, microfinance, education, agriculture, entertainment

AI/NLP/Data Mining/Speech/Vision

  1. Machine learning techniques for large-scale data analysis in development contexts
  2. Adapting content and applications to local languages and education levels
  3. Understanding social relationships and information flows in disadvantaged societies
  4. Speech interfaces and speech recognition for low-resource languages
  5. Development of new AI-centric tools/solutions for development
  6. Computer vision challenges in development

We also welcome posters outside of these topics that address the DEV focus on computing innovations supporting social and economic development.